Attilio Lanfolfi

I’m Attilio Landolfi, wedding reporter, and not only it. Passionate, curious and tireless observer.

The word "photography" was created from the Greek roots "light" and "drawing", together meaning "drawing with light". The art of photography has always attracted me and my constant aim is to change my passion into a job, constantly studying and testing new technologies.

“Drawing by light” is the thing I’m mostly attracted by, because everything starts from the light or from the absence of it. So, you can “draw”, you can catch a moment, a feeling, a memory just thanks to the light.

This is the task of every good photographer and this is the aim of my single work. I choose the photography reportage to reach this goal. To make a reportage means to tell a story, to catch short moments, by spontaneous pictures, not unnatural ones, not posed ones. But reportage is not an improvised work, so neither the reporter’s work is. It’s important to know the persons you’re going to photograph and to pay constant attention to every moment because sometimes a little instant can keep some feelings that last all life long.

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